Don’t Try Starving Yourself to Six Pack Abs

There is an old saying–” you are what you eat “. Without “cleaning up” your diet there is no such thing as a shortcut to six pack abdominals. When it comes to your fitness goal, this truth is irrefutable.   The key issue now is to lower your body fat for your abs to appear.  While you want to lower your body fat, you do not want to starve yourself.  BAD IDEA.  When you venture into a starvation diet you aren’t starving your body of fat, you are starving your body of precious lean muscle tissue.

What is one of the fundamentals to achieving six-pack abs?   Drum-roll please…You need to FEED your body quality food—and not quick, processed junk food.   You should eat some balanced nutrition (containing a protein and a carbohydrate) every three to four hours—schedule permitting. This speeds up your metabolism and nourishes your body.

Your food choices are the foundation of achieving your six pack abdominals goal. Food, and the way it is prepared not only fuels your body, but also gives you the energy to perform your gym workouts. Fiber rich food such as oatmeal, avocados, almonds and berries-strawberries, raspberries & blueberries are low in calories & high in nutrition. The way many of these foods are prepared either helps your healthy fitness pursuit or keeps you from achieving your goal. Oatmeal is a great morning food, rich in fiber & slow to digest-but avoid ruining its benefits with too much sugar. Almonds are a great snack, a high fiber food– but try to avoid the salted variety. If you are REALLY ready to get serious, start with cleaning up your nutritional intake.   It is the first step in getting six pack abs. These are just a few of the beginning fundamental issues discussed at MIKE CHANG’S SIX PACK SHORTCUTS.

Remember, when your body must feed off its own muscle mass due to self-imposed starvation, your metabolism dramatically SLOWS—and is utterly self- defeating.   This metabolic downgrade leads you to even more stored body fat.

Drink at least eight – ten ( 12 ) ounce glasses of water with and between meals. The more water you drink, the more toxins, fat, and sodium you are able to flush out.

Starving yourself is not the answer to lean, ripped six-pack abdominals—it “cannibalizes” muscle and encourages your body to stubbornly cling to body fat.

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