Six Pack Shortcuts Review: Is Mike Chang REALLY Legit ?


Hey guys, welcome to my Six Pack Shortcuts review.  As you might expect, I’ll be giving a full breakdown of this popular ab-sculpting workout and diet system by fitness pro Mike Chang.  Okay, let’s get down to brass tacks here…

First off, I’m Bill from Los Angeles, California.  The pic to the left is me after two months of 6-Pack Shortcuts–age 56.

I’ve always been a fitness guy and although I feel like I’m in great shape for my age, I wanted to find a legit program that could help me take my abs to the next level.

Well, I’m ‘hoping’ Mike Chang can help me out.  That’s why I invested into his Six Pack Shortcuts workout and dieting system.

Below, I’ll give you my review based on my personal experience.  Here we go…

Six Pack ShortcutsMy Six Pack Shortcuts Review

Everybody is looking for an edge.      

Searching for a shortcut in the pursuit of six pack abs is no exception.   I have always had a fascination with the best cutting edge techniques & shortcuts (no, not fads ), that allow athletes to achieve the highest level of their athletic potential.  I have six pack abs, but I think they can be better.

Certainly, genetics are part of the six pack puzzle, but the desire to find a short cut based on solid scientific evidence continues to interest me.

When I found Mike Chang’s Six Pack Shortcuts I was intrigued.   Could he really deliver…?

The only way to find out was to take the plunge, investigate & see for myself.

Are you busy and looking for short but highly effective workouts you can do, even from home…?

Are you searching for highly effective workouts that can be done within a restrictive schedule?

Are you seeking nutritional improvement, but not interested in obsessing about every bite you put into your mouth …?

Most of all, are you tired of feeling like you’re endlessly working out, but never truly seeing the overall results you really want…?

If you answered YES to the above questions, you’ll want to continue reading down this page.


If you’re looking for a magic fat burning pill or supplement, crash diet, or a  “little to no effort” magic bullet  -   STOP   -  THIS PROGRAM IS NOT FOR YOU!

Six Pack Shortcuts is actually a short cut thru countless failed workout models that simply don’t work.    Why, you ask…?

Traditional cardio at a brisk “walk the dog” pace is fine for overall health maintenance, but it will never burn the fat necessary to give you six pack abs.  Neither will endless sit-ups.  The reality is that you already have six pack abs—you just can’t see them – your goal is to burn the fat that covers them.

The good news is that Six Pack Shortcuts, which is based on proven scientific research, burns your belly fat up to 48 hours after the completion of your high intensity workout & allows your body to achieve the lean six pack abs & body you’re looking for—if you follow the program…and the science.

We aren’t talking about marathon length gym workouts, stupid starvation –fad diets (hint- you don’t want to be hungry- it completely defeats the purpose).

Mike ChangThis is ALL about a combination of cutting edge scientific know how, coupled with old school working out—only in a smarter way thru established research.

Offered by I.S.S.A. Certified Trainer Mike Chang, it is based on proven scientific study that allows the body to burn the belly fat that hides the abs you actually already have.

Oh and by the way, I’m very impressed by Mike as a coach.  I’ve bought into workout and diet programs in the past, only to be underwhelmed by the product content & let down by poor customer service and an inability to get in contact with the creator.

This is NOT the case here.  Mike and his team clearly go out of their way to ensure your happiness with the Six Pack Shortcuts system.


GENETICS – Let’s face it- Genetics play a big factor in the final result.  It doesn’t mean you can’t get there, but it’s a key factor nonetheless.  Your individual abdominal shape is coded before birth – so get used to it.  Some guys have six pack abs with 11-12 % body fat, while some guys struggle for the same look with 7 %.  The only way to get the lean cuts is to lose more belly fat on the frame you were born with.

BODY FAT - Next to genetics this is the most crucial obstacle you face. You must lower your body fat to see your abs .  Genetics will dictate whether 7% or 12% body fat will allow your abdominals to show.

The only way to achieve your true abdominal potential is to employ effective resistance weight training, metabolic – high intensity cardio & most crucially, proper nutrition.  Abs are made…or lost in the kitchen.

NUTRITION – You can’t overcome poor nutrition in the gym.  Keeping yourself properly hydrated isn’t glamorous, just essential, plus it boosts your metabolism.     Your body will retain water if dehydrated & accumulate under your skin, making you look fat.  There are more than a dozen foods that actually help your body burn fat—and you need to incorporate them into your daily diet.

(Think avocados, oatmeal, blueberries, beans, green tea—there are many more.)

abs videosEXERCISE & CARDIO- Ineffective cardio programs & weight training regimens waste your time and kill your progress.  Knowing the specific weight training exercises & their exact proper form, coupled with the right high intensity cardio will kick your metabolism into overdrive.

This effect will last for up to 48 hours after your workout.  Couple that with proper nutrition & hydration and your body will burn fat for days after your workout ends.  The videos inside the members area do a truly excellent job of training and motivating…He keeps it very upbeat…and fun.

ABDOMINAL EXERCISES – The Six Pack Shortcut has 17 different exercises for your abs & core to round out your program.  To sum it up….two different people, doing the exact same routines & eating the same foods will likely get different results.  The key is achieving the best results that your genetics & body type will allow.


So…what triggers this 48 hour after workout fat burning effect?  It is a combination of specific weight training and high intensity cardio that the Six Pack Shortcut stresses.  It is a combination of  4  fundamental principles.  (Resistance, Rest, Repetition & Intensity)  This is the combination that produces the greatest after burn effect.

It’s about greatly speeding up your desired results.  Is it a fad?  Not a chance.  This sample video from Mike ought to verify the effectiveness of these crazy workouts:

Is it cutting edge & scientifically proven?  Yes it is & in that reality lies its value, and your chance for a six pack abs break thru.  The program is packed with proven tips & shortcuts to achieve the success that has eluded you in the past. This is a very effective program if you are overweight and trying to burn fat, and also if you are skinny & trying to put on muscle.

If you have worked out before without success, or if you are new at trying to achieve your goal, this is a very high quality comprehensive program.  In addition, Six Pack Shortcuts provides excellent nutritional advice & assistance to help support your efforts.  You need to properly & effectively fuel your body’s engine.  Six Pack Shortcuts has the insight & know-how to help you do it.  A great plus is that there are many outstanding nutritional tips that will likely save you money on your food budget.

brad uses six pack shortcuts principlesWILL THIS WORK FOR “REAL PEOPLE” ?


The guy you see in the pic to the right is my friend, Brad, who I’ve discussed these principles with extensively.

He used to run a “lean body” website and he preaches these same tactics taught by Mike Chang, to promote a tight, visually appealing physique that’s highlighted by great abs.

In that pic he was about 6% body fat…


I am very impressed with the details & insight provided.  If you are truly serious about finally getting results, I think you will be too.

Workouts are NOT created equal.  Six Pack Shortcuts provides different levels of optional support.  You will also be shown how to maintain your new physique with strategies that will last for the long haul.

PROS  – & -  CONS  …

Pros - Mike Chang’s attention to detail is just what I was looking for.  He is very careful to show proper form on each and every exercise.   Proper weight training form is essential.   Plus, he really gets into the proper information about cardio & its proper application.  His program emphasizes very high intensity cardio routines that are far less time consuming than on traditional cardio machines.    Roughly put, it’s about  “gimme all you got” – with very short rest intervals.  This means your workouts can be shorter–yet far more productive.  Add specific weight training, with razor sharp proper form & attention to your diet issues you have the essential elements covered.  Plus….You are encouraged to eat—and eat well–and smarter.

*                *                 *

Cons – If you are still grappling with a New Year’s Resolution gone wrong, don’t dive head first into Mike Chang’s Six Pack Shortcuts .   This is a very high intensity program & you need to be ready for it.  But that need not be bad news.  You can start the program at a “build up as you go” pace… just be smart about it.   A smart man learns from his mistakes, a genius learns from someone else’s mistakes.  Even if you start on a modified basis, you will get a great start in the essential elements that can seriously change your physique.


Injury is your workout enemy.  Proper warm up & exercise form is essential to avoiding it.  If I had a dollar for every time I saw someone working out at the gym, using improper form and too much weight, I’d have a big pile of cash.  These avoidable & needless errors just keep you on a treadmill of diminished returns, injury, or both.  Remember, without proper rest days between workouts your muscles cannot recover & repair.


Traditional. long cardio & prolonged abdominal exercises create very little of this desired 48 hour after-burn effect, because they do not create an intense need for your body to recover – so you burn very few calories AFTER your workout is over.

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition states, “these findings are of tremendous practical importance for athletes or individuals who attempt to reduce body fat”.  There are other scientific studies that support the same thing.  We get back to the same fundamental issue – The only real way to lose your belly fat and get the six pack abs you desire is to burn off more calories than you take in.

get 6-pack absTELL ME MORE MR. SCIENCE …

Don’t mind if I do…

Your body uses an energy source called “A T P”, Adenosine Tri Phosphate.  This is the energy source your body uses to fuel your workout.

If you can “trick” your body through the right type of workout, coupled with specific weight training you will use more of this energy source. You burn far more calories & lose much more body fat.    Where does your body get all of these extra calories?

Answer:  Unless you increase your caloric consumption, your body takes the fuel from…you guessed it –your excess body fat.  Mike Chang in his workout program gives the example of two identical cars, one that you drive a certain distance, and then turn off the engine.  The other identical car you drive the same distance, but leave the car running in idle for 48 hours.  Which do you think would burn more gas…?

Since the second car is burning the fuel for so much more time, the overall consumption would be much higher.  In essence, it’s like leaving your metabolism “on” for 36-48  hours after you have completed your workout.

It is essential to learn how to maximize your workouts so you can take advantage of this scientifically proven reality.  The question is HOW…?  And that is what the Six Pack Shortcuts program is all about.

Stairmasters, & treadmills won’t do it.  Thousands of sit ups certainly won’t do it.   Weight training alone won’t do it.

Long cardio is great for the time you are doing it, but it won’t give you that 48 hour turbo charged after burn effect that you need to burn the fat.

Body builder type weight training is great for building muscle, but the rest period between sets doesn’t allow the fat shredding “after-burn” you need to expose your abs.  Abdominal exercises by themselves burn very few calories during OR after your workout, which means they burn almost no belly fat.

These abdominal exercises are great once the fat is gone, but largely a waste of time until the fat is gone.



Spending endless hours in the gym, working hard at “the wrong things” won’t get you the results you want.   You can’t reach your six pack abs goal if you don’t know how.

It’s exciting to find a program that actually delivers.    Mike Chang and the Six Pack Shortcuts program has exploded so many abdominal myths– clearly laying out a nutritional & workout path to  the results that have proven elusive in the past.

It’s fun when you get results.

Now, you can have that edge –and the program is guaranteed….

And just to sweeten the pot, anyone who wants to join me inside of the Six Pack Shortcuts members area is going to get hooked up with some free bonuses.  Of course, you’ll get everything included in Mike’s program…

Mike Change PhotoBut you’ll also get the following (as a thank you for buying through my partner link)…

1) How to Boost Your Metabolism Audio CD

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2) The Top 10 Fat Loss Myths Report

fat loss myths

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To receive these bonuses, simply click my partner link below to sign up for 6-Pack Shortcuts workout and dieting system.  After paying securely, forward your email receipt to: and I’ll send your bonus gifts immediately. 

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Brad Campbell -

Hey Bill, damn good review for Mike Chang’s 6 Pack Shortcuts! Couldn’t ask for a more fair review. Thank you for making my buying decision easier. You rock!



Thanks for dropping by–LOTS more content coming–


Margarito Gacia

Thank you so much for the review Bill! I wasn’t sure if it was going to help me, but you made everything very clear. Time to hit those ab workouts really hard!



Thanks for dropping by–There’s ALOT more stuff coming—

Train Hard.




Hey Bill,
Great site. I love the products and I am looking to get my abs to show. I am thinking about the 6 Pack Abs program and because of your review I will definitely be looking into that.



Hey Jessie…

Thanks for visit –As for Six Pack Shortcuts–people that to train hard and follow the workout & nutritional program get serious results.




Bill, first time visitor. I must say – well done! Very informative and enjoyed your review. Gives me a lot of info to make sure this is right product for me. keep up the good work. i’ll be back!



Hi Jim…

Thanks for coming by…
There is alot more info on the way…
Six Pack Shortcuts does NOT disappoint.

Wish you the very best in your training.



Adam Southey

Thank You! I have been looking into buying something like this for a while now but was on the fence. After finding this site though I will definitely be purchasing 6 Pack Shortcuts!



Hi Adam…

I hope the info helps you makethe right decision—for you.
Hope you become a regular visitor.

Train Hard.




Bill, your review of the Mike Chang Six Pack Short Cuts, is awesome in that it’s not only informative, it makes me want to get off my ___ and work out. For people with desk jobs, this work out plan could work wonders. It’s the AFTER burn that is an awesome thought.

Thanks for the tip, keep em coming!



Hi Lynn…

Hope the info is helpful in your decision making process.
Don’t be a stranger—hope you become a regular.

Don’t let that desk job hold you back….



is slim fast a good way to lose weight

Woah this blog is excellent i really like reading your articles. Stay up the good work! You recognize, many persons are searching round for this information, you could help them greatly.



Thanks for stopping by–the comments are always welcome
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I hope you tell your friends—would appreciate you spreading the word.

Train Hard.
Hope to see you again here soon…..Bill



Hi Bill,

Before making my decision on Mike Chang’s six pack short cuts program, I read a few more of your blogs, wow…I can’t tell you the things I’ve learned. Preparing to change my eating habits, sleeping habits etc. Thanks again, I’ve been looking for something like this for a while.



I’m glad you find the info helpful.
Hope to see you back—There is alot more content coming.

Thanks for visiting….Bill


Abdominal Six Pack, Six Pack, Abdominal 6 Pack, 6 Pack

Wow, incredible weblog layout! How lengthy have you been blogging for? you make running a blog glance easy. The total glance of your website is magnificent, as well as the content material!



The blog is just a few months old….but there is ALOT more content coming.

Hope you’ll come back for more—

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Tank Armstrong


You’re in awesome shape. All around the internet you’ll find this program being bashed by people who frankly have no idea what they are talking about. The principles in SPS work a treat but there’s one tiny problem; you have to be prepared to WORK. Most people aren’t!



Hey Tank…

Sadly many people forget the hard work part–there’s no magic pill for six pack abs…but with the right diet, determination & training regemin…it can be a reality.

I hope my info helps…There is ALOT more stuff coming…

Hope to see you back….Bill



I like your fantastic web site, I was searching for this all over.
best regards



I just bought the Mike Chang program, wish me luck. You make me think I can do this. You ROCK!


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